The Sheep Feeder, SF60, is a feeding station for sheep. It will give a portion of concentrate feed to the sheep based on settings you can easily set with the controller. You can choose how often, how fast, and how much the animal should be fed. The settings can be made for individual sheep, or the sheep can be divided in groups, or have one setting for the whole herd. The ensures accurate and efficient feeding of all the animals in the flock. The SF60 is available with and without an integrated animal weight scale

Efficient and Accurate Feeding​​

The feeding station is controlled from your PC, with a user-friendly program. The Sheep Feeder SF60 will give concentrate feed to each animal according to the settings you have made and by reading the RFID ear tag. In this way you can make sure that all animals are given the correct amount of concentrate feed, and make individual feeding plans according to for example number of embryos, expected lambing date, weight, age etc. 

 The capacity of one feeding station is approximately 100 animals. The first time the animals are run through the feed station, all animals will be recorded through their RFID ear tag and be given a small ration of food. One control unit can run several feeding stations and treat data for several hundred animals. 

The Feeding Station SF60 In Use - from the Norwegian Broadcaster NRK