The saltstone reader is placed at the entrance of an enclosed area where the animals go to lick the saltstone. The saltstone reader will record the animal ID by reading their RFID eartags when they pass by the reader.

The recordings are sent through the phone network to the BioControl server, and the user can go to our webpage to see the recorded readings.

The saltstone reader uses a solar panel and a battery to store energy, and can therefore be placed in an area without access to electricity. Animals that have not been recorded lately are marked in red, and lambs that are not following their mother are also marked in red.


Control and Efficient Inspection of the Grazing Areas

Our saltstone reader will help you make more efficient inspections and keep an overview of your grazing sheep. You can also see irregularities of where the sheep are grazing or which animals are grazing together.

By easily being able to gather recorded information from your computer, you can spend less time on trips to the grazing areas where there are no sheep, have more efficient gathering of sheep, and follow up on lambs that have been rejected by their mother.

Many countries demand recording of losses before compensation for losses due to predators are given. The saltstone reader can be one tool for recording when and where the sheep was last seen. 


On our webpage you can choose to see recordings of:

All readings can also be chosen to be seen from a time interval or from a specific date. For now these pages are in Norwegian, but can be easily translated to English if English speaking customers want to use our system.