BioControl’s feeding system is the heart of the Controlling and Recording Feed Intake (CRFI) environment. The system gives animals individual access to all, or specified mangers. Animals are identified by means of neck transponders or ear tags to manage and record feed intake for each individual.

Our CRFI is highly flexible, and users can set up their system according to their needs thanks to different feeding modes: free access, normal access, or restricted access. Free access will always allow the animals access to the feed, normal access will allow access to the designated feed type and amount, and restricted access will also limit the ration available to the animal depending on the time of day.



Integration with Feed Distribution Wagons

The CRFI Feed stations can be integrated with different types of robot feeding systems and feed distribution wagons in several ways: 

The CRFI system can be equipped with our sensors detecting the feed wagon operation, automatically setting the CRFI system in manger filling mode when the feed wagon is active. Another option is a direct integration between the CRFI and robot feeding management software systems.

This is only part of CRFI system. Go to CRFI page to see overview of whole system.