In-Field Station

BioControl’s In-Field Station is designed to provide necessary minerals and water for animals who spend most time on field. With included weight scale and antenna, the device can monitor feed and water intake, log it and send to local cloud service for further or real-time analysis.

Realtime In-Field Monitoring​

In-Field system is a self contained feeding station designed to stay on field for long periods but it doesn’t lack in synchronization with other In-field wagons and the main database. Thanks to large battery powered with solar panel and network connection, it can sustain itself also during the night and cloudy days.

The wagon has a build-in weight platform, concentrate feeding station and water dispenser with gate that prevents to have more than one cow inside at a time. During feeding time weight scale automatically logs change of cows body weight since last weighing. The water dispenser provides constant refilling of water for cows.

The wagon is equipped with a tow bar so it can be easily moved using a standard tractor. Procedure of refilling concentrate, minerals and water is simple thanks to easy access from top. Cows are identified using antenna near feeding and drinking stations. Antenna can read e.g. but not limited to transponders:

  • collar: DeLaval B-type, Westfalia FDX-B, others
  • ear tags: ISO 11784/11785 HDX and FDX-B

User Friendly Application

InField Wagon has it’s own built-in PC with touchscreen and application to monitor device status and logs. Similarly to Controlling and Recording Feed Intake (CRFI) system farmers and researchers have possibility to assign correct concentrate groups and amounts to specific groups of animals and analyse data on-field or in centralised database. Application gives possibility to add different feed types, set up advanced feeding plans and restrictions in feeding. 

System monitors and logs every visit, but also checks if animals eat correct amounts of assigned concentrate or minerals daily and creates alarms for suspicious behaviour. This gives much possibility to analyse animals feeding routines, behaviour or just check if they eat healthy.