The family of BioControl Handheld Readers (HHR) are easy to operate readers for ISO 11784/11785 transponders. In addition, our new HHR5000 series also reads NFC tags. HHR5000 is designed for on-farm use under real-life conditions and offers great reading performance and easy programming. The reader can also synchronize to stationary readers according to ISO 11785, and has audible and visual ID identification on a clear display. The modular design gives you a range of new possibilities in your daily work, and the new smartphone-version integrates directly with your mobile apps. 


Modular Design

The modular design provides you a highly flexible reader for a range of different uses. HHR5000 comes with both standard keyboard and display in HHR5000L, and smartphone bluetooth integration in the HHR5000S. 

The three modules are:

  • Handle with Li-ion battery
  • Main unit with keyboard and touch LCD screen or grips for smartphone attachment
  • Antenna with ISO module that reads FDX, HDX, DeLaval B-transponder and NFC (optional)

The new HHR5000 series gives you a range of advantages:

Innovative Solutions Integrates Directly the Reader With Your Mobile Phone and Apps

HHR is not only a modern handheld reader of both RFID and NFC tags – it also turns your mobile phone to a real electronical ID  reading device. Through Bluetooth integration, the ID readings done by HHR5000S can be sent directly into the application you are running on your mobile. The mobile can be placed into the neatly designed holder, or kept within Blouetooth-operation distance. Seamless data-flow and integration has never been easier. 

Software, Data Exchange and Interfaces​

The reader is standard equipped with USB and has Bluetooth interface options.

Add your readings into any app on your mobile phone by using the HHR5000S in “keyboard mode”

The reader is supplied with software to exchange data between the reader and your computer or other devices via USB and Bluetooth.

Looking for information about our previous version, HHR3000?