We Design and Develop
Software Ourselves

In BioControl, we design and develop software ourselves. Our skilled software development team has long experience with a wide range of technologies. From embedded and low-level programming, advanced data processing to newest backend, frontend and mobile technology. With progress and growth in our mind, we don’t back out from exploring new possibilities and making our apps reliable and multi platform.

Desktop & Mobile Applications

Stable, good looking and user-friendly applications are our daily focus. It doesn’t matter if you want your CRFI to run on Mac, Windows or Linux. If you prefer to analyze VaDia charts on your tablet or laptop in the office, we’ve got you covered. With the expansion of our integrations to mobile phones, you can use our products faster, more productively or even completely remotely.

Data Processing

We use our knowledge of data science and processing to make our software better and more useful. From basic processing of hardware signals, through dynamic analysis and finding problems or dependencies, to presenting it all in easy-to-use graphs. Complex mathematics, data models and scientific programming languages make the impossible seem easy. But at the end of the day – the only thing that matters is providing data that are useful to you!

Embedded Software

Our products use custom PCB’s designed from scratch (read more about our Hardware here), and programs running on them are created in-house. We are not afraid to use low-level programming or different communication protocols that meet specific project requirements or are best fit for the job. Boards we make often use image or signal processing, data analysis, self-diagnose themselves inside embedded programs, or use wireless technology. This helps to create innovative, stable and efficient technology.

Interested in our solutions?

From small parts to big and complex projects – we can create custom products that fit our client needs. Let us know about your ideas and how we can expand our solutions to meet your needs and expectations.