World-Class Solutions
for Agriculture and IT

With Agriculture and love to biology written in our name, BioControl focuses it’s work on bringing technology to farmers, veterinarians, engineers and scientists to better understand and manage animals. We provide an extensive range of tools developed over more than 30 years of company history. These tools help you getting daily tasks done with precision, or even completely automate them.

Automated Feeding Systems

Automated and precise feeding of animals is important to create better farming experience and productivity. It is not a matter of size of the animal, but understanding their behaviour and interaction with new technology. We have over the years created automatic solutions for most farm animals including dairy cows, calves, beef producing cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. 

Farm Animal Identification

 Easy and reliable solutions for animal identification are essential for traceability, health monitoring and keeping track of the individual animals’ growth and health. One of the international standards for animal identification is based on RFID technology with unique electronic animal identification compliant with legal requirements.

We have taken advantage of this technology to create new tools that in different situations will allow animals access to specific feeds,  milking parlour, sorting animals by identity or weight,  or just count unique animals passing a gate. The possibilities are infinite and can be expanded to meet your needs.

Some of these products from BioControl based on animal identification might be of interest for you or your company:

A Touch Of Science

Sometimes, the farm animals need a touch of science to be better understood, or for us to detect their needs. In BioControl, we don’t only create physical products, but also provide algorithms and create data insight to find important information the animals can’t tell us themselves.

Interested in our solutions?

From small parts to big and complex projects – we can create custom products that fit your needs. Let us know about your ideas and how we can expand our solutions to meet your needs and expectations.