CRFI Concentrate

BioControl can deliver a range of different concentrate feeding stations as part of the Controlling and Recording Feed Intake (CRFI) environment with RFID-based individual feeding and data collection.

We offer solutions for cattle of different sizes – from calf to bull size, so all needs should be covered. The stations can be delivered with different numbers of concentrate and mineral supplement types available. The concentrate station can also be delivered with an integrated animal weight scale.  

The Precision is in the Details

 Our unique system with weighing in and weighing out the concentrate or mineral supply portions gives possibilities for the highest precison in feeding – which is of great importance both in scientific and animal breeding settings. We even have a solution for removing and weighing out left-over parts of the concentrate rations per visit, if the animal doesn’t eat it all.



This is only part of CRFI system. Go to CRFI page to see overview of whole system.