Download the VaDia Suite Software by clicking here

After downloading the file, click the executable.


This will install the software in C:\Users\”USER NAME”\BioControl\VaDia\Suite

After the installation, a ‘VaDia Suite’ shortcut will be placed on the desktop. This shortcut must be
used to run VaDia Suite.

VaDia Suite will start-up when you click this shortcut.

When VaDia Suite starts it will first start ‘VaDiaSuiteUpdater’ and will show


From here refer to the VaDia Suite User Manual that can be found here:

The demo-files that are used as example in the VaDia Suite User Manual can be found here:

VaDia Suite is installed and runs correct, but I have a license issue:

1. Symptom:

  1.  I installed VaDia Suite on a PC on which the ‘old’ software VaDia Viewer or VPT-software was installed. License ID displays ‘0’ or ‘-1’
  2. I installed VaDia Suite on another PC. I filled in the license information, I get the message ‘license already used’
  3. I want to buy/activate an additional module.

2. Solution:

All questions about license: please email to mentioning your LicenseID and password so that we can help you.