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BioControl restricts its right to deny the repair of devices older than 5 years from production date. The warranty on repair is 6 months.  

All BioControl manufactured electronic products have a warranty of 18 months from manufacturing date, in respect of hidden defects and/or manufacturing or material faults. 

Mechanical or electro-mechanical parts carry a warranty of 12 months after their manufacturing date. 

Batteries carry a warranty of 6 months after the manufacturing date of the end-product in which they are integrated. 

All products not manufactured by BioControl carry the warranty provided by the manufacturer. 

No warranty will be given in case of: 

  • Water damage, unless properly used and installed according to specifications and instructions; 
  • Lightning; 
  • Detectable improper use; 
  • Items repaired by unauthorized third parties; 
  • Not properly packed;

No warranty will be given on parts or materials, particularly mechanical parts and/or materials, which are subject to wear and tear brought about by their normal use.

Sales of this product and spare parts are handled by our Polish office. Please send your order request to  

Software comes pre-loaded together with the device.