1. Symptom:
    1. The download doesn’t start.
    2. Download was ok. But nothing happens when I run ‘HHR Animalia Installer.exe’
    3. Download was ok. ‘HHR Updater’ starts when I run the downloaded ‘HHR Animali Installer.exe’, but stops half-way, or gives an error message and stops.
  2. These are symptoms caused by one of the below listed.
    Check the following possible causes/solutions:
  1. Windows 7: .NET Framework is not installed
    Not all Windows 7 versions have .NET Framework installed. Go to the official Microsoft website and download/run this
    (to do so: Google ‘.NET Framework 4.5’ and go to the first official Microsoft page. Here you can download it. Follow the instructions).
    After this, run ‘HHR Updater.exe’ again. Big chance that it now works.
  2. The Firewall or Antivirus software blocks the install program
    Switch it off for a period to allow the necessary downloads from the BioControl server to be installed
  3. The internet connection is very slow, causing a time-out that stops the download
    Go to a place with a faster internet connection