All BioControl manufactured electronic products have a warranty of 18 months from manufacturing date, in respect of hidden defects and/or manufacturing or material faults. 

Mechanical or electro-mechanical parts carry a warranty of 12 months after their manufacturing date. 

Batteries carry a warranty of 6 months after the manufacturing date of the end-product in which they are integrated. 

All products not manufactured by BioControl carry the warranty provided by the manufacturer. 

No warranty will be given in case of: 

  • Water damage, unless properly used and installed according to specifications and instructions; 
  • Lightning; 
  • Detectable improper use; 
  • Items repaired by unauthorized third parties; 
  • Not properly packed;

No warranty will be given on parts or materials, particularly mechanical parts and/or materials, which are subject to wear and tear brought about by their normal use.